All types of packaging compsGraphics For Industry was founded right after the end of World War II offering studio art services to ad agencies, consumer goods companies, production companies as well as the US government.


With the advent of a new technology, television, the company was uniquely posed to convert packaging, posters, art cards to the black and white medium. At that time the color palette was 16 shades of gray. The first color correct “item” was a recruiting poster for the US Coast Guard. The image was a rendering of a ship, a sailor and the American Flag.


The next seven years brought a technology upgrade to color television with new issues arising in readability and color vibrance. Understanding of broadcast standards brought the need for color correct packaging to a greater demand.


Since then we have seen, quality image standards get more refined and techniques and tools grow from hand lettering, pen and ink, C-Prints and pastels, to high resolution graphics, digital imaging to 3D rendering and dimensional printing.

At each step GFI has been there, with an expert staff, state of the art tools and an extensive knowledge base to bring high quality photo-accurate packaging and models to ad agencies, photographers, design firms, production companies and consumer goods companies.

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All types of packaging comps